What is


Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

EM•POW•ER is more than a weight loss program, with seven different ways to customize your journey, based on your personal wellness goals.


Surgical Weight Loss

A very detailed program that is personalized to meet every patient’s needs.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

A holistic health and wellness program with a supportive team approach.

Renew Classes

Specialized classes that help de-stress and educate patients about their weight-loss journey.

Nutrition Education

Healthy eating is an important component to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Programs

As with any weight-loss journey, it is very important to get the body moving, grooving, and sweating!

Women’s Health

This will be a specialized program for women throughout their childbearing years to post menopause years.

Teen Weight Loss

A non-surgical program that specializes in helping teens with their unique and personal weight-loss journey.

Better Weight Loss is Our Mission