Our Weight Loss Services

We are proud to offer both Surgical and Non-Surgical weight loss services to East Idaho. If you don’t know which option is right for you, just give us a call.

Weight Loss Services

Duodenal Switch

This surgical procedure involves removing a portion of the stomach, and adjustment of intestines to limit the caloric intake of your body.

Intragastric Balloon

This non-surgical procedure involves the insertion of a liquid balloon into the stomach that helps the patient limit intake and feel fuller faster.

Gastric Bypass

This surgical procedure involves the separation of the stomach into upper & lower sections, with consumed food only going through the upper section.

Gastric Sleeve

This surgical procedure involves reducing the total size of the stomach, thus reducing the total amount of food that’s eaten and a sooner “full” feeling.


These procedures involve the creation of a plan and support team that will help the patient execute on their weight-loss plan until at desired weight.

Why Choose Us?

Lifelong Followups

We will continue to follow up with you throughout your weight loss journey, and are committed to your success.


Get discounted memberships at a local health clubs, provided in case you didn't already have a membership.


Family & Friends can come take classes with you, to help them learn how they can better support you.

Free Seminars

Be on the lookout for our seminars, as they cover a wide variety of weight loss topics - all FREE to you.

Support Groups

Our support groups are there for every part of your journey. From beginning to end, we all have each other's back.

Team Specialists

Access our team of weight loss specialists and ask them any questions you'd like answered at any time.

Dietary Assistance

Maintaining a diet is crucial to weight management, and you can create the best diet for you that still works!

Counseling & Testing

The EMPOWER team offers pre- and post-op counseling and testing in-house for your health & safety.

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